Workshop Offerings

"Lead Strong. Lead Intentionally."

The great risk for leaders is that they show up simply as a reaction to their challenging circumstances, operating under an autopilot spell, which is self- and team-limiting. This workshop is designed to help leaders move fully into present-moment leadership at their best. Rob guides through his three-step exercise to re-calibrate, make the shift, and lead from the inside out, regardless of the world’s external challenges. Fast-moving and based on the principles in his newly-released book, Lead Like You Were Meant To: Make the Shift from Autopilot to Intentional, this session helps leaders quickly re-set and be at their best as they lead in the midst of a stressful and uncertain environment. Leaders will learn:

  • The 3-step process they can practice every day to adjust towards their best.
  • One to two areas where they are most vulnerable to reacting to external circumstances.
  • A “master move” that all followers are seeking from their leaders right now.

“Lead Like You Were Meant To” Workshop

Real, lasting growth in leaders comes from new awareness about themselves and strategic shifts from how they have led in the past. This session takes a deep dive into the learning from Rob’s book Lead Like You Were Meant To for your everyday leadership life. Leaders will learn about the Three Roadblocks that inhibit leadership growth, the Four Dimensions that demand self-leadership, and the Three Steps to take for both immediate and long-lasting change. This immersive, highly-interactive workshop will:

  • Enable leaders to bring their real-world challenges into the classroom
  • Open leaders’ eyes to new self-awareness of how they show up to lead
  • Help leaders better see, and talk about, their greatest strengths and weaknesses
  • Equip leaders with new options for bringing the best of themselves to their work


Advanced workshops integrate the Enneagram with Rob’s four-dimensional leader framework.

All workshops can be delivered in-person or virtually. Virtual workshops are provided via Zoom with highly interactive features of 1:1 breakouts, chat, and Q&A.