Workshop Offering

3 Steps in 4 Dimensions: Helping Leaders Make the Switch from Autopilot to Intentional

As coaches, we must be equipped to help leaders thrive in the midst of difficulty. When leaders are tested, a great risk is that they show up simply as a reaction to their challenging circumstances, operating under an autopilot spell, which is self- and team-limiting. But how do coaches quickly help leaders pinpoint the high-leverage area(s) for adjustment to move toward their best selves?

This workshop provides a simple three-step exercise coaches can use to help leaders re-calibrate, make the shift, and lead from the inside out, regardless of the world’s external challenges. Fast-moving, highly interactive and based on the principles in his newly-released book, Lead Like You Were Meant To: Make the Shift from Autopilot to Intentional, this session equips coaches to help leaders quickly re-set and “come back” at their best.

Coaches take away:

  • A powerful but simple “3 by 4” framework that they can use with leaders at any time to increase self-awareness, self-care, and adaptation to lead at their best.
  • A framework they can use for themselves to be at their coaching best!
  • A wealth of back-up material both on-line and in the book Lead Like You Were Meant To for continued learning.


This workshop is approved for 1.0 ICF Core Competency credit.