Work From Home Checklist


Everyone’s putting out their list for how to WFH (Work From Home). Here’s mine, for leaders:

#1 – Re-connect with your purpose. If others call you their leader, then this is your time. 

#2 – Adjust your expectations. Especially in these early days, you WILL NOT be as efficient as you were two weeks ago. Accept it and carry on.

#2b – Be intentionally patient. With yourself and everyone around you (ie your spouse, kids). Others have their own stress-induced frustrations and your patience can help them.

#3 – Focus. Pause quietly, and get clear on THREE THINGS that, if accomplished, will make the day a success. Write them out and keep them in front of you throughout the day.

#4 – Exercise. Whatever it takes. How you are doing physically directly impacts your mental and emotional capacities.

#5 – Care for your people. Don’t wait for them to tell you. Ask them, with genuine interest, how they are doing.

#6 – Get a different perspective. Talk to a friend outside your company or industry to hear how they see things.

#7 – Plan something fun. The news and circumstances are a total downer. Counterbalance with levity.

This is your time. Lead well.