Real-Time Change

Would you like to experience real-time leadership growth in a group setting? I coach leaders one on one, and by the roomful! 

Drawing on the same concepts and frameworks that are so effective with my leaders individually, I coach many leaders at the same time with keynote talks and workshops. Leaders walk out of these experiences inspired, challenged . . . and changed!




I have such a passion for building leaders that I love engaging a whole group of them at one time! My commitment to each person in the room is that they will walk out a better leader than the one who walked in. This is a different keynote talk that brings so much more than just interesting stories and concepts. Your audience will have an “experience” – one that they will remember and take with them as they lead in new ways.


“You had everyone in the room.”     

“Very few people can take an audience where you took us.”


Take a deep dive and bring the learning from Lead Like You Were Meant To into your everyday leadership life. These immersive high-impact experiences:

  • Enable leaders to bring their real-world challenges into the classroom
  • Open leaders’ eyes to new self-awareness of how they show up to lead
  • Help leaders better see, and talk about, their greatest strengths and weaknesses
  • Equip leaders with new options for bringing the best of themselves to their work

Advanced workshops integrate the Enneagram with Rob’s four-dimensional leader framework.

“I have a better understanding of myself and how others perceive me.”

“Rob’s workshop gave our team valuable communication tools that we began using immediately.” 

“We need more time with Rob McKinnon.”