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Every good leader shares a common trait: they want to keep getting better. But eventually, most encounter a setback – the limits of their own self-development. To overcome this, they must take a hard look at themselves and address their personal leadership DNA – the individual wiring that makes them naturally gravitate toward certain solutions and shy away from others.

As a coach, I am charged with helping leaders change or grow. And I have learned that the most powerful and lasting growth starts from within. A leader must address how he or she thinks, feels, and acts, while also identifying their core beliefs. Until these dimensions are recognized and developed, leaders will continue to do things the same way they always have, and get the same results.

Lead Like You Were Meant To helps you overcome three critical roadblocks:

  • Leading too much on autopilot;
  • Leading with less than 100% of what a leader possesses; and
  • Failing to see the common link between their greatest strengths and greatest weaknesses.

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“Now more than ever, today’s business environment requires leaders who are intentional and authentic. Rob McKinnon is the Tesla of executive coaches. His book, Lead Like You Were Meant To, helps leaders disrupt their own status quo, master self-awareness and inspire their organizations. A must-read for all leaders.” 
 – David J Adelman, CEO, Campus Apartments, Darco Capital

“Wow……..unlike other leadership books, Rob McKinnon brilliantly integrates the concepts of leadership growth with engaging examples and pragmatic strategies. In Lead Like You Were Meant To, McKinnon nails the real barriers to great leadership and provides a practical guide to overcoming them. An essential read for anyone who wants to expand their leadership capacity and increase their impact.”
 – Kristin Colber-Baker, Global Head, Talent Development, Mars, Inc.

“Keep this leadership book close at hand. Rob McKinnon will speak to you as he spoke to me on leadership dimensions that you likely have not considered. Effective leaders must continue to grow. Get ready to up your game with this book. As a student of leadership in war, peace and now the boardroom, I suggest you invite Rob to be your leadership coach and mentor in Lead Like You Were Meant To.”
 – Joseph Rank, Vice President and Chief Executive, Lockheed Martin Saudi Arabia, Brigadier General (retired), U.S. Army 

“Rob McKinnon’s book is an absolute treasure and powerhouse resource for coaches  . . . and the leaders they coach! He provides clear, concise methods to bring deep universal concepts to leaders for the sake of helping them create more powerful connection, internally and externally. Coaches – who recognize that leadership is an inside game – will find exercises, roadmaps, charts, takeaways, and reflection questions that are perfectly on point for lasting leadership transformation.”
 – Christine Wahl, M.A.Ed., MCC, and Founder, Georgetown University Leadership Coaching Program

“Every leader should read this book, right now. Lead Like You Were Meant To is exactly what leaders need in the age of Covid. . . or any time! The exhausting schedule of one video call after another all day long makes it easier than ever to go on autopilot and just try to get through the day. This book got me refocused on my purpose, which gets me out of autopilot and into awareness – awareness of who I am, the kind of leader I want to be, and the legacy I want to leave.”
 – Ron Farmer, COO, Fullsteam

“In Lead Like You Were Meant To, leaders now have a thoughtful, thorough, and relatable guide to enhance their self-awareness, be fully present in all interactions, and become the truly authentic leader they were meant to be.”
 – Dr. William A. Gentry, Author of the best-selling book Be the Boss Everyone Wants to Work For: A Guide for New Leaders